Itsy Bitsy Spider (Aqua Song)

"Itsy Bitsy Spider", also known as "Itzy Bitzy Spider", is a hit single sung by the Danish dance-pop band Aqua. This was the debut song of this band, sung under the original name Joyspeed.

The song is inspired from an old nursery rhyme known as "Itsy Bitsy Spider". Aqua remixed the song and turned it into a techno-fused version.

The song released in the year 1995 and was positively received by music lovers in Sweden and it reached the 54th spot on the Swedish Singles Chart. However, the song failed to achieve the same amount of success in many other countries including Germany and Denmark. "Itsy Bitsy Spider" was the only song by Aqua that was released under Michael Brinkenstjärna, the band's original manager. Brinkenstjärna later sued the band for royalties related to this song and some later songs.

At present, less than 1 thousand copies of this song are in existence and it has now become a rare collector's item. This song never appeared on any compilation or studio albums of the band Aqua.