Itsy BitsySpider

Itsy Bitsy Spider

"Itsy Bitsy Spider" is a popular and well-known nursery rhyme which describes the various adventures of a curious spider as the small creature ascends, descends and then re-ascends the downspout or the "waterspout" of a drainage system. In an alternate version, the waterspout of the drainage system is replaced by an open-air reservoir or a teapot's spout. The nursery rhyme is generally followed by a series of gestures which imitate the words and lines of the song. The Roud Folk Song Index number of this nursery rhyme is 11586. The rhyme is also known by several alternate names, such as the "Incy Wincy Spider", "Inky Dinky Spider", "Eency Weency Spider", "Ipsy Wispy Spider" and "Ipsy Dipsy Spider".

Itsy Bitsy Spider Photo The nursery song can also be found in numerous publications. An alternate version of this song is found in a 1910 book called Camp and Camino in Lower California in page 279. The song is a rather adult rendering of the original nursery rhyme. Instead of using the conventional lyrics of itsy bitsy, the song employed the lyrics of "blooming, bloody". Later on, the song was published in many modern versions of Western Folklore, published by the California Folklore Society in 1948, Seeger's, Mike and Peggy, American Folk Songs for Children in 1948, and The Growing Family: A Guide for Parents by Maxwell Slutz Stewart in 1955.